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A new kind of doll, Enoki is coming!

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Greetings Irrealdollies! How you’ve been? Are you eating all your vegetables and being nice to each other? Great! Since you’re being such a good citizen we’re going to reward you with good news... READ MORE

Ery is back for the month of love!

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Hi, Long time no see. Hope everything is going well! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing lately: Laura is working on new dolls while finishing up and improving some other stuff, and I’ve... READ MORE

Limited Enyo and Ino sale next Sunday!

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  Irrealdoll’s 5th Anniversary giveaway has ended and only two contestants had the chance to bring a limited edition Enyo or Ino home. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win though, there’s still a way to... READ MORE