Terms & Conditions


  • Paypal (only full payments)
  • Bank transfer (only full payments). For members of the European Union. It may take 1 to 2 days for a transfer to be effective, so please be patient!
  • Layaway plan only for LAYAWAY payments using a Paypal account. Please refer to the LAYAWAY GUIDE below for more information.
  • Irrealdoll will only accept EURO for payments. Any order using a different currency other than EURO will be automatically cancelled.


  • Products won’t be delivered until payment has been received completely.
  • Please be sure to fill in complete and correct shipping address information. 
  • Estimated time for production and delivery of products offered as pre-order will be detailed in the description of said products. Generally 4 months after purchase unless specified otherwise.
  • Registered Mail will be used as the shipping method. It includes a tracking number but it has no insurance in case of damage or lost parcel.



  • Full payments are not refundable, neither are the deposits or partial payments of products purchased by layaway.
  • Every product is thorughly inspected before being shipped. Irrealdoll is not responsible for any damage or loss a parcel may suffer during transportation.
  • In the improbable case that you’re having issues with your order, contact us at info@irrealdoll.com and we will try to solve any incident, whenever possible.



    •    1. Log in your account, select your product, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to CHECK OUT normally.


    •    2. Once you get to “STEP 5 – PAYMENT METHOD” choose “LAYWAY PLAN”. This is important, DON’T CHOOSE PAYPAL because that option is for full payments only.


    •    3. Write your Paypal address in the comment text field you will see below. This should be the Paypal address from which we will charge 50€ deposit for your order. If you place multiple orders, 50€ will be charged (100€ for large dolls for each one of them. Your “STEP FIVE” should look like the picture below. You’ll just need to replace “youraddress@paypal.com” with your actual Paypal address.


Captura de pantalla 2015-09-27 a las 12.55.30


    •    4.Complete the remaining steps and place your order. At this point you still haven’t paid for the depositThat’s OK, we’ll get to that later.


    •    5. You will receive a confirmation email and your order status should be displayed as “PENDING” for as long as the pre-order is kept open (pre-order will end once we reach a determinate stock limit).


    •    6. You will receive an invoice in the Paypal account you provided in the comment section right after the pre-order period officially ends, this may take a while so please be patient.


    •    7. Once the payment is completed and verified your order will be updated from “Pending” to “Initial fee paid”. Once the invoice has been sent, a 48 hours limit will be offered to complete the payment. If payment is not received after that, we will assume the order has been abandoned and we will proceed to cancel it.


    •    8. The installment plan works like this:


    •    -The first installment, a 50€ deposit charged at the beginning (100€ for large dolls).

    •    -One month later, half of the remaining balance for your order will be charged as a second installment.

    •    -One month after that, the final half of the remaining balance will be charged as the third and final installment.


    •    9. Although the payment is already complete your doll may not be ready to ship yet since the estimated date of shipment is 4 months after placing your order. This date may be subject to changes so please be patient! We will keep you informed of any developments regarding your order.


    •    10. Customers will be responsible of providing accurate information and respecting the rules provided herein in order to make this layaway option possible. Irrealdoll won’t be held responsible of any mistakes made by the customer.


    •    11. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@irrealdoll.com






I’ll try to explain the LAYAWAY solution and the other payment methods a little bit further:


1. Paypal –> Only for full payments on day 1. You’ll be redirected to Paypal in order to complete your payment.


2. Bank transfer –> Only for full payments on day 1. You’ll receive instructions in how to transfer the money to Irrealdoll’s account.


3. Layaway plan –> Only for layaway. Payments will be done through Paypal but we’ll need to send you the invoices manually first.

Nothing will be charged to your Paypal account yet, not before we manually send you the invoice to your e-mail address. Since this is a manual proccess it may take a while to proccess all orders , please be patient!


We will send you an invoice to the Paypal address you indicated in the comment section that will allow you to complete the payment for the 50€ deposit (100€ for large dolls).


Then we will send you two additional invoices, one one month after paying the deposit and a final invoice one month after that.


Keep in mind that the deposit and the individual installments are NOT refundable, so please make sure you will be able to meet the deadlines.


Hope this explanation is clear enough!